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About Us


Vacuum Tables.COM, a specialized division of the Graphic Parts International Inc., draws on more than 30 years experience designing and manufacturing vacuum/blowback systems to produce the industry's flattest, most efficient and most cost-effective solutions for any application requiring precision holddown and/or gentle floatation.

Our engineers and technicians will manufacture tables to your specifications, designed to handle anything from the thinnest vinyl sheet to the huge panes of architectural glass found on office towers — and, of course, anything in between. Our Stay-Flat™ technology ensures years of trouble-free service.

No matter what your needs, we don't consider it a "custom" order. We routinely build our holddown & flotation systems to our customer's specifications — there are no "standard" products.

Our headquarters and primary manufacturing facility are located in Chicago with a sales office and distribution center in Miami, serving Central and South America.

We also maintain a worldwide network of distributors and dealers.